About Us

About Logue Solutions


Darin Logue is a Graduate of the University of Missouri’s Law Enforcement Training Academy. Upon completing the Academy, Logue has worked in capacities ranging from Patrol Officer, Narcotics Detective, Police Chief and Special Agent with the State of Missouri. 

During his tenure, Logue has worked with numerous agencies throughout the State of Missouri but has always had a passion for training and completed a master’s Degree in organizational development with a focus on Adult Learning theories and concepts. 

Logue has published numerous articles for various Law Enforcement publications and is currently being featured in a print publication highlighting various aspects of his career. 

In his free time, Logue is a private pilot and aviation enthusiast in addition to collecting and restoring classic cars. 

The Million Dollar Question

 A question we get often is: “What makes your training different from the CCW class I took?” Our response is simple. “We DO NOT know what you learned in your CCW class.”  But here is our grassroots platform: 

Prepare individuals for immediate, spontaneous, lethal attacks. Prepare individuals for assaults by multiple threats and managing uninvolved subjects. Integrate the sudden transition to firearms from day to day routine tasks. Base training on the fact that most encounters are at short distances. Base training on the fact that EVERYONE will have limited fine and complex motor control. Integrate one-handed firing of a handgun. 

Emphasize dim- or no light situations as much as daylight training. Include dominant and support hand, plus drawing, reloading and stoppage clearing. Integrate “moving then shooting” and “moving while shooting” techniques. Integrate engagement techniques for moving targets, both laterally and charging and finally…. Emphasize the survival mindset and the will to win in all skills training.