1 on 1 Private Coaching


This offering is intended for the individual with little or no firearms experience at all. 1 on 1 Private Coaching is designed to set the groundwork for safe pistol handling. This class will teach you all the basics, from how to properly grip and shoot a pistol, to definitions of common terms you will hear on the range and in subsequent courses. This is a great opportunity for a beginner to ask questions, get answers, and learn in a non-threatening, and fun and friendly environment. The successful completion of this course will give you the foundation to get out and practice on your own and to continue into more advanced training with Logue Solutions.


 Handgun Level 1 course is an introductory handgun training program designed to provide you with the fundamental skills of weapons manipulation and marksmanship.  Focusing on our principals of mindset, marksmanship, manipulation, and movement, you’ll have a solid foundation to build on as your training progresses.  By first starting with proper weapons manipulation techniques, you’ll move on into the fundamentals of marksmanship with challenging drills which will focus on accuracy and also evaluate skills and progress. 

Tactical Mindset H1

Tactical Mindset H1 is as much about understanding the handgun as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that make you who you are. Developed for beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters, Tactical Mindset H1 is designed to give students a template for increasing; mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance and spatial awareness while performing skill-based handgun manipulations. These same skills have direct application in your daily life and your interactions with the people around you. Tactical Mindset H1 will not just make you a better shooter. It will help you find performance and understanding in all aspects of your life. 



Logue Solutions offers a variety of training courses to military and law enforcement personnel.   We can offer standard off the shelf style courses for your department, unit or agency or we can build a custom course specific to your needs.  We have the ability to have courses POST certified as well and if that is required by your chain of command, we will make that happen for you.  Some examples of courses that we have conducted for Law Enforcement Agencies and Military units are:

1. Narcotics For Rural Law Enforcement

2. Fugitive Tracking

3. High Risk Event Planning For Narcotic Opeartions

4. Physical Surveillance For Counternarcotic Operations

5. Night Firearm Operations

6. Vehicle Assault Course

7. Warrant Investigations


Woman: Developing A Tactical Mindset


Honest dialogue with yourself is VITAL! You must clearly define “in advance” “today” what you are willing to do in a crisis. Will your personal standards of operation permit you to act confidently and decisively under stress? Will your moral compass, ethics and religion effect your design making? 

Would you shoot a dangerous suspect in the back when legally justified in doing so? Would you run over someone with your car who was threatening to shoot you? 

Would you feel compelled to try some intermediate-force option before employing deadly force, even in the face of an imminent threat? 

What if the person attacking you hates you and Is willing to take their own life to take yours?

The time to ponder your moral and ethical code and resolve potential dilemmas is not when lives are on the line. The time to ponder these questions…..are TODAY!